Our Investment Philosophy

We are a London-based venture capital firm focused on investing growth capital in young technology-enabled businesses in India. We believe India represents an attractive investment destination due to the attractive macro story and the ability of early-stage ventures in India to create new industry categories or disrupt large existing markets with exceptionally better products or services.

e.pngWe crave raw and ambitious ideas and are keen to share the vision and risk appetite of entrepreneurs. Our bar is high, and as a result, we only invest in companies that demonstrate the highest conviction and where our team has the closest alignment with the founders. This gives us the ability to guide and nurture businesses in the critical early stages of growth. Our focus is on technology-enabled innovation and our mission is to become the go-to European venture capitalist for the Indian technology sector.

We are obsessed with the genesis of innovation where entrepreneurs survive on grit, determination and the boldness of their mission and, as a result, are completely tuned into the needs of our founders. We concentrate our efforts on the formative years of a business and want to be a partner of choice for exceptional founders and management teams looking to build robust and scalable businesses for the long-term. Whilst deploying capital, we ensure that we reserve enough capital to be able to follow on from our initial investments, as businesses scale. Although we’re based in London and invest in businesses that are primarily focused on the Indian marketplace, occasionally, we will invest in businesses that have a global reach but still recognise India as one of its key markets.

Our investment mandate is focussed on companies that use technology as the ‘vehicle’ to disrupt conventional business models, in ways never seen before. We are keen to work with companies in sectors such as Health, Education, Food, Financial Services and Real Estate, with a particular focus on B2B and Marketplaces. We consider backing truly unique products that address large markets and possess an easy to understand business model as a prerequisite. Early traction is a must because we’ve learned; data is the best evidence of what resonates and what doesn’t with customers.

We will typically invest between £750K-£2M in each opportunity, with a view to follow-on with those that demonstrate exceptional execution ability. We have been involved in situations where we can both lead funding rounds, as well as participate as co-investors alongside other smart money investors – both institutional and high net worth.

Our entrepreneurial backgrounds help us be effective and focus on the real pain points in any business. It is our intention to target only companies where we believe we have the potential to add value and aid growth by injecting intelligent capital. This includes where necessary, providing mentoring, as well as providing operational and management expertise, and by leveraging our network of global mentors and advisors.