Why Earlsfield

For Investors…

We believe our key differentiator is the ability to identify investment opportunities within the Indian technology enabled sector, which are not readily accessible to European investors. The Earlsfield Capital network includes incubators, accelerators, other venture capitalists, as well as boutique investment banks and corporate finance houses who all work with us to identify curated deals based on our investment thesis and philosophy.london

Our portfolio companies have the ability to tap our network of advisors and consultants in India and Europe. Our depth is further enhanced by our ever-growing list of investors, mentors, and advisors many of whom have built and nurtured their own businesses.

We believe venture capital is best suited to businesses that have the potential of generating asymmetric returns. For that reason, we hand-pick businesses that have the potential to scale to a large outcome. This allows us to provide as much support as possible in those critical early stages of growth.

For Portfolio Companies…

We invest what we like to call intelligent capital as we strive to add the most value to early stage businesses through our resourceful approach. Above all we believe our responsiveness and ability to make decisions quickly demonstrates that we understand that time is of the essence for entrepreneurs and recognise their time is just as valuable as ours. Equally, we pride ourselves on our thesis-driven approach to stimulate thought leadership to ask the right questions and inspire action while offering great advice like a co-founder.

As a firm, we have deep operating experience, but we believe great companies are built by great entrepreneurs, not venture capitalists. Our entrepreneurs count on us for introductions, advice on hiring, inking partnerships, and every once in a while, operational issues. Our ultimate aim is, to work alongside entrepreneurs help take the business to the next level.

We like to work with exceptional entrepreneurs with the passion for making an impact through deep domain knowledge and great product and design instincts, but who require backing to achieve their potential. We like to help behind the scenes and will often take a board director/observer seat for each investment we make during the first 18-24 months of a company’s evolution, where we feel we can have the biggest impact. One thing is clear; every portfolio company will have access to the entire Earlsfield Capital team.