September 20, 2016

Can investors afford to ignore India?

To show just how important India might be to some international players let’s start with the one of the biggest companies of all – Apple. As we all know the new iPhone 7 was launched last week. We also know (from some of my previous posts that the spend on […]
September 12, 2016

Mentorship + Entrepreneurship = Success

For a while it’s been clear that India is making strides to get the internet more openly available to the masses. From Reliance JIo’s initiative to make it more affordable, to Google’s Project Loon, there are many examples of this. Of course, the availability of the internet is the first […]
August 23, 2016
Democracy, Demography, Disruption, Disintermediation, Distribution

Democracy, Demography, Disruption, Disintermediation, Distribution

Last week, as I mentioned in my last post, India celebrated its 70th year of independence. What I didn’t do was put into perspective what it might take for India to achieve its potential over the next 70 years. To understand this we must first consider the past and where […]
August 16, 2016

Youth and FDI – it’s the India way

15th August 1947 is when India gained independence from the British Empire. It’s no secret India is a very young nation and the government recognises that enough to put more emphasis on backing eco-systems such as start ups, where founders tend to be in their 20’s. 70 years on from […]
August 10, 2016
Prozo logo

Competition & the Olympics

Firstly, many congratulations to our portfolio company, Prozo, for making it to the finals of the Lufthansa Runway to Success. It was a proud moment to watch Ashvini Jakhar, the Founder & CEO of Prozo make it to the final three from a field of many thousands. Find out more […]
August 9, 2016
India GST – the great battle has been won!

India GST: one nation, one market, one tax

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned how often I write about GST (Goods and Services Tax) with hope and optimism of the bill being passed. Well, it gives me great pleasure to report the passing of the GST bill this week. Although in reality, this is just the start, there are […]