June 20, 2016

India – marketing to the world

A lot has been written about the huge amount Microsoft has agreed to pay for LinkedIn. While many think the proposed $26 billion plus change is too inflated, there are others who believe that it, in fact, represents great value. The premise of the argument is simply data and definitely […]
June 13, 2016

Entrepreneurs: “The Greatest”

It’s unusual for me to lead with something like this; however, I couldn’t resist. Being somewhat of a boxing enthusiast, it was with great sorrow to hear about the passing of the “the Greatest” Muhammad Ali last week. Inspirational people tend to transcend into all walks of life, inspiring countless […]
June 6, 2016
India: The Good, The Bad and The Potential

India: The Good, The Bad and The Potential

There has been further evidence published this week that a strong macro situation continues to help India push forward. Foreign direct investment (FDI) numbers in January were extremely positive – in fact, the highest in 29 months. To evidence the result of this (of course additional to all the other […]