India – marketing to the world

A lot has been written about the huge amount Microsoft has agreed to pay for LinkedIn. While many think the proposed $26 billion plus change is too inflated, there are others who believe that it, in fact, represents great value. The premise of the argument is simply data and definitely worth a read. And if you are really into your statistics, this article, although addressing a similar topic of cost per user, will most certainly quench your thirst. The other very interesting aspect of the acquisition is that it’s an all cash deal. Some might, therefore, question why Microsoft is financing the deal “primarily with new debt”. Why is it that a company so cash rich would go down this road – let’s just say the “T” word…Tax is involved. I will let you decide if this is just good business or against the moral code.

Last week I talked about how entrepreneurs need to know they are not alone in their daily struggles. However, I didn’t discuss the fact that they equally need to be realistic. Of course, there are many strings to that bow but in this instance, I am referring to valuations and general expectations entrepreneurs have in this day and age. Although there are some harsh truths in this piece, there are equally some very real learnings for all entrepreneurs to build sustainable businesses. The great thing I also mentioned last week is how the government in India is helping entrepreneurs and SME businesses. Well, this week there is further proof on how the net is potentially expanding for more companies to be eligible for public procurement incentive.

I’ve been saying for a while now; Narendra Modi is a one-man marketing machine. His salesmanship, charm, and humility are winning him a lot of fans around the world. What’s interesting is he isn’t shy of travel. He has visited so many countries and struck so many deals for India that, in my opinion, he is helping India move in a very positive direction – in fact, the most recent one on the table this week is with Thailand. Perhaps the best validation to this argument is the fact that The Economist is now buying into Mr Modi’s approach.

I am a big believer in giving back – especially from those of privileged positions. So, when I read this article I just had to share it with you all. It’s very encouraging firstly to know that India has this type of mandatory regulation. Then to see it being implemented in such amazing fashion is superb. Let’s hope the new age businesses being created every day also take on this mantle to help make India a more prosperous nation for all. I for one certainly believe this will be the case, and India will thrive and flourish if significant initiatives like this continue to be adopted.

Author: Dishang Pateldish-colour