Our Investment Philosophy

We are an India focused investment management firm with offices in Mumbai and London, investing growth capital in dynamic fast-growing companies that leverage technology to disrupt rapidly transforming conventional sectors in India. We believe India represents an attractive investment destination due to the strong macro story and the ability of small and medium businesses to create new industry categories, or disrupt large existing markets with exceptionally better products and services. This is most evident in the overall distribution space across industries, products and services.

e.pngAdd to this advancements in technology and implementation of bold tax initiatives such as the Goods & Services Tax (GST) which have provided the platform for significant disruption in the critical but highly inefficient distribution space in India. This disruption is sector agnostic and occurring across industry verticals.

The team invariably invests in support of an existing, proven concept and strategy, and therefore focuses primarily on improving operational efficiency, implementing high standards of corporate governance and positioning for exit, rather than seeking to implementing far-reaching strategic changes.

Our investment mandate is focussed on companies that use technology as the ‘vehicle’ to disrupt conventional business models especially in the distribution space. Efficient and seamless connectivity of people, goods and services is at the core of most advanced economies. India has a huge and growing domestic demand but widespread development has been restricted by inefficient and archaic distribution systems. This has been a hindrance to sustained and uniform growth across the country. Advancements in technology, regulatory and fiscal measures and bold legislations have formed the platform for rapid disruptions in distribution channels across the economy. This has provided a significant opportunity to invest in the next generation of companies that will form the nucleus of rapid growth across sectors and geographies within the country.