Technology in many forms is helping India grow

Technology in many forms is helping India grow

This week sees the beginning of a new regular blog I will be posting in an effort to provide a wider view of what is happening in India.

This will, of course, include articles around the technology eco-system but also the macro landscape, initiatives being run domestically, investments being made into and across India, and views being given on India in general. The intention is simple; we believe awareness needs to be raised around India and its potential and would like others to share our conviction, passion and ultimately vision in order to appreciate the possibilities and opportunities available in India.

It’s clear from the press coverage in the last week that investment into India is rife. This applies across sectors such as infrastructure, retail, telecom, education, and of course technology.

Let’s begin with a story that was re-circulated this week but originally published in February. The perception and most likely the reality is that India hasn’t always had the environment at the forefront of its agenda. However, where there’s a will there’s a way and the will, in this case, is growth sustainability and the way being green trains! Read on…

In my humble opinion, this article really captures the imagination. The thoughts of the innate satisfaction, building something from scratch you can call your own, making your loved ones proud, and one may also be forgiven for foreseeing the glitz and glamour of running your own business as massive pulls in the crazy world of entrepreneurialism. The harsh reality is somewhat different (for the majority at least) and ends up being more about sacrifice, tight budgets, and doing whatever it takes. This story is just about how all the realities of choosing this path can be made that little bit easier.

India has, on many occasions in the recent past, been called the “the only bright spot” in both Emerging Markets and the Global Economy. One of the main reasons for this is sustained growth and the potential of spending power that exists in this great nation. This is typified by the bullish sentiment showed by global retailers and telecom players across bricks and mortar as well as e-commerce analytics. There are plenty of challenges to overcome to realise their goals in India but being in the right place at the right time is winning half the battle, isn’t it?

Call me simple but if a particular sector is showing signs of dominating job creation, something right is being done. What’s great about this article is that even though the traditional Tier 1 cities in India are expected to benefit, Tier 2 and 3 are also showing signs of continued optimism. All of this seems to be underpinned, by the e-commerce and technology start-up scene with the sector expected to witness some very strong hiring growth. Of course, we at Earlsfield Capital believe this is just the beginning and as best practices improve, standards of governance are tackled head on, and the government continues to support the cause; this sector will continue to go from strength to strength.

Before I sign off I wanted to talk a little bit about education in India. As most of you will probably know, education is the basis on which most foundations are built in India. Therefore, it won’t surprise you to hear the size of this market is enormous. I must admit seeing these numbers written down on paper makes it all the more real and it was definitely eye catching enough for me to share with you all. I hope this gives readers an appreciation of just how big domestic markets can be and already are in India. Think of the opportunity where businesses use technology as an enabler to trade pan India rather than being restricted to intra-State. The numbers are potentially so large, the mind boggles…

Author: Dishang Pateldish-colour