Why Earlsfield

For Investors…

Earlsfield has identified a compelling opportunity to invest in companies that are creating innovative ways to enable businesses of all sizes to reach suppliers and customers more easily and efficiently, by using technology to introduce straightforward, incremental changes in the way established sectors operate.

We believe that the intelligent application of simple technologies can make a transformational impact on market reach and efficiency that translates rapidly into bottom line growth. We work on a focussed strategy; through investments into highly selective small and medium companies led by outstanding entrepreneurs and management teams with proven ability to provide commercial solutions to chronic unmet needs in large, conventional sectors.

In our view, the recent spread and adoption of popular technologies, such as smartphones and apps, are fundamental to enabling businesses of all sizes to achieve scalability in exchange for relatively small up-front investment, low-risk, and incremental changes to established behaviour.

For Portfolio Companies…

We are focussed investors and typically offer Growth Capital of upto $3 million in exchange for significant minority stakes with an average holding period of 4-5 years.

We prefer investing into companies that share some or all of the following characteristics:

  • Capital-efficient businesses from high growth sectors, requiring small-scale investment in technology support, marketing or new people in order to grow a sustainable B2B or niche B2C business model, rather than to perfect technology or to establish a new market
  • Demonstrable, or clear potential for, sizeable revenues with sustainable customer metrics and growth rates
  • Clear validation that the target sector is ready to accept the commercial use of simple technology such as smartphones or the internet
  • Outstanding, adaptable management team, with commitment, passion, excellent execution capabilities and a clear understanding of both local and international business practices
  • Proven tech-enabled solution to long-term unmet need or bottleneck within a value-add niche of a large conventional sector
  • Straightforward solution which is demonstrably superior to existing alternatives (if any)