Why India

India is widely recognised as the world’s fastest growing large economy, supported by strong domestic demand, a democratic political system, an entrepreneurial culture and a favourable business environment. Based on our first-hand experience of the Indian business environment, we believe that India is at the start of a 15-20 year cycle of technology-enabled growth, which will continue to create major opportunities for well-informed investors.

India’s commercial landscape is characterised by rapid growth and entrepreneurialism, but also by a high degree of inefficiency, exacerbated by inadequate pan-national infrastructure and logistics, conservative family-owned businesses, and, in many sectors, extensive fragmentation of a massive domestic market dominated by sub-scale companies.

As part of our strategy, we focus on identifying large-scale unmet corporate and consumer needs within India’s largest sectors – and the businesses that are seeking to meet those needs through the intelligent application of existing technologies.

The widespread adoption of the Internet and broader technology in India provides a compelling opportunity for change. This is most relevant across distribution channels where adoption of technology has resulted in a significant disruption of inefficient legacy systems and processes.