Our investment philosophy

As an investor in small and medium sized companies we are keen to share the vision and risk appetite of entrepreneurs creating new industry categories or disrupting large existing markets with exceptionally better products and services. We invest in companies that demonstrate the highest conviction, and where our team has the closest alignment with the founders. This gives us the ability to guide and nurture businesses in the critical stages of growth.

Our focus is on technology-enabled innovation and solutions which are disrupting conventional sectors in India.

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Why Earlsfield?

Earlsfield has identified a compelling opportunity to invest in companies that are creating innovative ways to enable businesses of all sizes to reach suppliers and customers more easily and efficiently, by using technology to introduce straightforward, incremental changes in the way established sectors operate. We believe that the intelligent application of simple technologies can make a transformational impact on market reach and efficiency that translates rapidly into bottom line growth.


Why India?

India is widely recognised as the world’s fastest growing large economy, supported by strong domestic demand, a democratic political system, an entrepreneurial culture and a favourable business environment. Based on our first-hand experience of the Indian business environment, we believe that India is at the start of a 15-20 year cycle of technology-enabled growth, which will continue to create major opportunities for well-informed investors.

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November 15, 2016
India: The Good, The Bad and The Potential

Striking an arrow at the heart of corruption in India

There are times in the history of every nation where many decades and sometimes centuries later, citizens and countries around the world accredit a change with such big impact that is often called a game changer. Let’s be clear. These changes are not always positive or at least in the […]

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