Technology Investment Platform


Multiple Geographies

Our technology investment platform is focussed on investing across India and South East Asia

Digital Transformation

We invest in industries that are using technology to augment efficiency and lower costs; thereby causing a paradigm shift

Mass Impact Sectors

We focus on sectors which have mass adoption and face imminent disruption

‘Need-based’ Strategy

We invest in products and services that are essential in nature and have significant market size


Why Technology Investments

Rapid Increase In Digitisation

The Indian and ASEAN Regions are the world’s fastest digitising geographies with over a billion internet users

Large And Aspirational Consumer Base

The median age in south east asia is 29 years and is 28 years in India, indicating a large, young and aspirational population

Strong Innovation Hub

The region has generated over 50 unicorns in the past 5 years alone with an estimate of over 125+ unicorns by 2025

Increasing Interest From Large Technology Giants

Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Intel amongst others are increasingly focusing on investing in SEA, which provides potential for significant exits

Relatively Immune To Global Downturns

High dependency on domestic and regional consumption results in relatively steady growth and returns even during global downturns

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